What is simpleSPV?

SimpluSPV is an innovative online application designed to simplify the management of invoices and electronic notifications for businesses. With SimpluSPV, users can send and download their company's invoices to and from the eFactura platform, ensuring efficient and secure archiving of financial documents.

SimpluSPV is not anather one invoicing program. This online application was been built with the mision to ensure an easy interconnection area with private virtual space of the company. You can download invoices that was been send via SimpluSPV or was been sent via another program. In practice, this is a mirror with all what exists in the SPV at the moment and more it allows you to find records in the archives even for invoices olddest that 60 days(*).

Key Features

  • Invoice Management: Sending and Downloading: Enables quick sending and downloading of electronic invoices via eFactura.
  • Archiving and Searching: Maintains detailed archives and allows fast searches to retrieve any past invoice.
  • Daily Alerts: Notifications: Users receive daily alerts with a list of invoices received the previous day, ensuring no invoice goes unnoticed.
  • Internal Notes: Allows users to add internal notes to each invoice to indicate a cost center or provide any useful information for the accountant who will record the invoice.
  • Data Export: CSV Format: Users can download invoice lists in CSV format to create customized reports and for detailed analysis.
  • eTransport:
  • Notifications: Includes a dedicated module for sending notifications in the eTransport system, ensuring all legal requirements are met.

Multilingual Interface

SimpluSPV offers a user-friendly interface available in Romanian, English, and German, making it accessible to a diverse audience.

Customization and Consultancy

One of SimpluSPV's strengths is its flexibility. It is not a one-size-fits-all product that only covers 90% of user needs, but it constantly adapts to the specific requirements of each client, much like a custom-tailored suit. Additionally, each service package includes one hour of consultancy per month, ensuring the necessary support for continuous adaptation and optimal use of the application.

SimpluSPV is the ideal solution for companies looking to streamline their invoice and electronic notification management processes, offering advanced functionalities, customization, and constant support, all within an intuitive and accessible interface.